This Project consists of the establishment of a Township, measuring 20,3010 hectares in extent, Stonewood Estate in Dullstroom and consist of 75 stands, of which 74 are full title residential stands, measuring between 700 and 1100m² each and one is a plot of 20 000 m² zoned for a hotel or residence-2 development (town houses). Two large trout dams form part of the planned development. The architecture of the development is intended to blend in with the natural ambience of the surrounded area.

The zoning approvals for this development are in place and the Bulk Service Level Agreements are awaiting approved by the local authorities.

Changes in personnel at the local municipality who handled the approval process, the amalgamation of the Lydenburg and Dullstroom municipalities, as well as the stagnation of the property market in the Dullstroom area have resulted in the marketing and development of this project being placed on the long-term planning schedule, with the focus point on the hotel and holiday market and not on the normal residential market, as was originally planned.

Dullstroom is becoming today, a sought-after area not only for purposes of trout fishing but also as a preferred destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In time property prices in the area will escalate. Due to its relative close proximity to Gauteng, Dullstroom continues to be a weekend destination of choice. A major strong point of this development is the fact that the proposed Township is in close proximity of all amenities in Dullstroom.

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